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RabbitCtGlobalData Struct Reference

#include <rabbitct.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned int L
unsigned int S_x
unsigned int S_y
double * A_n
float * I_n
float R_L
float O_L
float * f_L
unsigned int adv_numProjBuffers
float ** adv_pProjBuffers

Detailed Description

RabbitCT global data structure.

This is the main structure describing the relevant dataset descriptions. The notation is adapted to the MedicalPhysics Technical Note.

Definition at line 9 of file rabbitct.h.

Member Data Documentation

double* RabbitCtGlobalData::A_n

3x4 projetion matrix

Definition at line 15 of file rabbitct.h.

unsigned int RabbitCtGlobalData::adv_numProjBuffers

Relevant data for projection image memory management. Only required for.

number of projection buffers in RAM

Definition at line 26 of file rabbitct.h.

float** RabbitCtGlobalData::adv_pProjBuffers

projection image buffers, by default

Definition at line 27 of file rabbitct.h.

float* RabbitCtGlobalData::f_L

pointer to where the result volume should be

Definition at line 20 of file rabbitct.h.

float* RabbitCtGlobalData::I_n

projection image buffer

Definition at line 16 of file rabbitct.h.

unsigned int RabbitCtGlobalData::L

Relevant data for the backprojection.

problem size in {128, 256, 512, 1024}

Definition at line 12 of file rabbitct.h.

float RabbitCtGlobalData::O_L

position of the 0-index in the world coordinate

Definition at line 18 of file rabbitct.h.

float RabbitCtGlobalData::R_L

isotropic voxel size

Definition at line 17 of file rabbitct.h.

unsigned int RabbitCtGlobalData::S_x

projection image width

Definition at line 13 of file rabbitct.h.

unsigned int RabbitCtGlobalData::S_y

projection image height (detector rows)

Definition at line 14 of file rabbitct.h.

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