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rtk::ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter Class Reference

#include <rtkThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter.h>

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Public Types

using Pointer = itk::SmartPointer< Self >
using Self = ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter
using Superclass = itk::XMLWriterBase< ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometry >

Public Member Functions

int CanWriteFile (const char *name) override
virtual ::itk::LightObject::Pointer CreateAnother () const
virtual const char * GetNameOfClass () const
int WriteFile () override

Static Public Member Functions

static Pointer New ()

Protected Member Functions

 ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter ()=default
bool WriteGlobalParameter (std::ofstream &output, const std::string &indent, const std::vector< double > &v, const std::string &s, bool convertToDegrees=false, double defval=0.)
void WriteLocalParameter (std::ofstream &output, const std::string &indent, const double &v, const std::string &s)
 ~ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter () override=default

Detailed Description

Writes an XML-format file containing geometry for reconstruction

Simon Rit

Definition at line 41 of file rtkThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

standard type alias

Definition at line 48 of file rtkThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rtk::ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter::ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter ( )
rtk::ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter::~ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter ( )

Member Function Documentation

int rtk::ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter::CanWriteFile ( const char *  name)

Test whether a file is writable.

virtual::itk::LightObject::Pointer rtk::ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter::CreateAnother ( ) const

Reimplemented from itk::LightProcessObject.

virtual const char* rtk::ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter::GetNameOfClass ( ) const

Run-time type information (and related methods).

Reimplemented from itk::LightProcessObject.

static Pointer rtk::ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter::New ( )

Method for creation through the object factory.

int rtk::ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter::WriteFile ( )

Actually write out the file in question

bool rtk::ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter::WriteGlobalParameter ( std::ofstream &  output,
const std::string &  indent,
const std::vector< double > &  v,
const std::string &  s,
bool  convertToDegrees = false,
double  defval = 0. 

If all values are equal in v, write first value (if not 0.) in output file with parameter value s and return true. Return false otherwise.

void rtk::ThreeDCircularProjectionGeometryXMLFileWriter::WriteLocalParameter ( std::ofstream &  output,
const std::string &  indent,
const double &  v,
const std::string &  s 

Write projection specific parameter with name s.

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